Sweden & Moldova

Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law

Sweden has over the last years contributed to an improved quality of the Moldovan democracy through support to the Moldovan Parliament and the Central Election Commission. The focus on enhancing the Parliament's transparency, accountability and legislative and oversight functions will be maintained during the strategy period. Sweden is supporting a platform with the aim to facilitate dialogue and to enhance cooperation between the Parliament of Moldova and the autonomous authorities in Gagauzia.

Sweden is a visible and strong advocate and supporter of human rights and gender equality in Moldova, and supports several comprehensive gender programmes in Moldova. The support is aiming to bring results in three main areas: (i) women's enhanced participation in political processes and their increased representation in decision making bodies; (ii) women's economic empowerment and entrepreneurship; (iii) women and girls live a life free of violence. It is also expected that Moldova will be able to better fulfil its international and national commitments on human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination.

Sweden is committed to support civil society organisations to strengthen their capacities and their efforts to improve human rights, non-discrimination and democracy in Moldova. Support is provided through regional programmes, direct funding to larger programmes, core-funding and through sub-granting through Moldovan and Swedish organisations. Our aim is to partner with civil society actors working on sensitive issues on both sides of the river Nistru. Moreover, Sweden links collaboration with civil society to our dialog on policy-level and aims to involve the civil society in other initiatives supported by us.

Sweden is supporting a project that aims at strengthening the efficient exercise of human rights in Transnistrian region of Moldova through improvement of the regulatory and institutional frameworks in the areas of disability, gender based violence and HIV/TB.

Police Reform is supported by Sweden by assisting Moldovan institutions to define and implement community policing activities all over the country according to the best European standards.

Last updated 04 May 2018, 12.01 PM