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To apply for your visa in Tanzania, you need to be a legally resident there. Your visa application should be submitted to the Visa Application Centre operated by VFS/FMC Tanzania at Maktaba Square Business Park, 4th Floor – Wing B, Plot No 75/27, Maktaba Street Dar es Salaam. Please read the rules regarding the temporary entry ban to Sweden under "Going to Sweden" and make sure, or at least, likely that you are exempted from the ban, before submitting your application. The Swedish Embassy in Nairobi is responsible for Schengen visa application from Tanzania and will handle and make decision. The Swedish Embassy in Dar es Salaam will not handle any Schengen visa application. Please also note that there is still a temporary entry ban to Sweden . The rapid spread of the Corona virus within the EU is a matter of international concern that requires coordinated action. Member States have responded to the call to restrict non-essential travel to the EU. The Embassy will not consider the entry ban when handling your Schengen visa application, meaning that your application might be approved regardless if you are exempted from the entry ban or not. That is your responsibility, please visit the Swedish Border Police website as stated below. If your visa will be refused for any reason or you will be denied entry at the border to Schengen you will NOT be refunded. The Embassy cannot give any support if the border Police has rejected entry and will deport you back to your country of origin. A new regulation, under the Act on the Protection of International Threats to Human Health, was decided on March 17 2020 to mitigate the effects of the Corona virus outbreak and reduce its spread. The decision came into effect on March 19. The decision is currently in effect until 31 January 2022 but it might be extended. In general, foreigners entering from another country need to present a negative covid-19 test result in order to be allowed entry into Sweden. Read more about this under "Crucial Information" and on the Swedish Police Website, https://polisen.se/en/the-swedish-police/the-coronavirus-and-the-swedish-police/travel-to-and-from-sweden/

The Migration Section will have limited staff due to the COVID- 19 pandemic resulting to delayed possibilities to handle visa applications

Notable, visa cases will be handled within 15 calendar days, or longer if motivated (in accordance to the visa code) . Emails and phone calls will be handled as usual. If you want to submit a Schengen visa application you should do so by submitting the application at the service providers office, VFS Global. Please visit the following website for more information https://visa.vfsglobal.com/tza/en/swe

If you need more information about requirment etcetera please see below information www.swedenabroad.se/en/about-sweden-non-swedish-citizens/kenya/going-to-sweden/apply-for-a-visa/tanzania-residents/


Last updated 16 Dec 2021, 7.31 PM