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Application for Schengen visa

From 8th of February 2022 Schengen visa applications from residents in Ethiopia must be submitted at VFS Global’s Application Center in Addis Abeba, 1st Floor, Haimi Apartment Hotel Bole Sub City, 03 Woreda, Home number 74. The Embassy of Sweden in Ethiopia will not be able to receive applications as of 1st of February. The handling of visa applications and the decision making will then be done by the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi. The Swedish Embassy in Ethiopia will not handle any Schengen visa applications or reply to any emails concerning Schengen visas.

Notable, visa cases will be handled within 15 calendar days, or longer if motivated (in accordance with the visa code) The 15 days of handling time is of course excluding the transportation time between Ethiopia and Kenya (normally 2 days each way). Since all Schengen visa applications will be received by VFS in Addis Abeba and distributed to the Embassy in Nairobi twice a week, it is more important than ever that you apply in time! When your application has been decided, your passport will be sent back to VFS application center where you submitted your application. 

According to article 9 section 1 in the visa code, you should apply not less than 15 days before the planned visit begins. The 15 days is counted from when the application has arrvied to the Embassy in Nairobi. The 15 days is counted from when the Embassy has received the application. Consequently, you need to calculate with the transportation time when planning for your submission.


If your visa will be refused for any reason or you will be denied entry at the border to Schengen you will NOT be refunded. The Embassy cannot give any support if the border Police has rejected entry and will deport you back to your country of origin.


Last updated 22 Apr 2022, 4.16 PM