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Applying for a Schengen visa to Sweden

The Swedish Government have announced that the entry ban ends 31 March 2022, meaning that no corona specific entry restrictions will be in effect from 1 April 2022. Regular rules for entry to Sweden will then be applied. Since the end of April the Embassy has noted a huge increase of Schengen visa applications. The increase has been unpredictable and the handling time for Schengen visa application is longer than usual and also the response time for emails has been affected.  The Embassy is sorry for the inconvenience caused. In order to visit Sweden you may need an entry visa. An entry visa is a permit for a maximum of 90 days required for persons wishing to enter Sweden for a temporary visit. If your visa will be refused for any reason or you will be denied entry at the border to the Schengen Area, you will NOT be refunded. You take the risk when applying and have a responsibility to keep yourself updated on the Schengen regulations . It is the Swedish Border Police that has the exclusive power to deny or approve entry at the border. If you are rejected entry into Sweden and deported back to your country of origin, the Embassy cannot give you any support. From March 1st 2021 and onwards the Embassy of Sweden is not only handling visa applications for Kenya but also handles visa applications from Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia and diplomatic passport holders from Somalia. However, online applications are not possible from any of the locations.

Notably, Schengen visa applications should be handled within 15 calendar days, or longer if motivated, in accordance with the visa code. However, since the end of April 2022 the Embassy has noted a huge increase of Schengen visa applications and the increase has been unpredictable. The situation has affected the handling time as well as the response time to emails. The handling time is still much longer than normal, but incoming emails are now responded to within 5 working days, unless the staff will be temporarily decreased due to health issues. 

The handling time is counted from when the Embassy has received the application and NOT when the submission take place at VFS Global. The handling time is of course excluding the transportation time, . When your application has been decided, your passport will be sent back to VFS application center where you submitted your application. The average transportation depends from where you are applying. Please check the country for submission below, for more information.  

According to article 9 section 1 in the visa code, you should apply not less than 15 days before the planned visit begins. The 15 days is counted from when the application has arrvied to the Embassy in Nairobi. Consequently, you need to calculate with the transportation time when planning for your submission. Please apply as soon as possible before travelling and note that it is possible to apply even 6 month prior departure.


New visa code and new applications fees

A new visa code  for Schengen visas entered into force 2 February 2020. There is a new application fee (80 EUR and 40 EUR for 6 to 12-year-olds). There is also a new application form 


Applying at the Embassy

You have no right to apply directly at the Embassy, but exemptions can be made. Prior appointment is required and booked through emailHolders of diplomatic passports and family members of EU/EEA citizens who fall under the scope of the Directive 2004/38/EC on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, will be given appointments for directly submission at the Embassy in Nairobi, regardless if residing in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Benin, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon or Ethiopia.

No submission for Schengen visa at the Embassies located in any of the mentioned countries, except for Liberia, where some categories will be accepted.

For all submission at the Embassy in Nairobi, the Embassy has imposed a mandatory health instruction as follows:

  • If you have booked an appointment and you or your child/children have any symptoms of illness, you will not be admitted into the Embassy. If someone is ill, you must contact the Embassy in order to cancel your appointment. Needless to say, the cancellation should be done before the actual appointment.
  • The Embassy will establish a list of visitors daily and if you are not on that list you will not be allowed to enter. When you book an appointment you have to mention if someone need to accompany you into the Embassy and why – also provide full names, correctly spelled, of the accompanying person and of course your own personal information. The Embassy will then decide if it is necessary or not, before the date of the appointment. If the Embassy finds it to be legitimate, the accompanying person will be put on the list. You also need to submit names of custodians/ holders of power of attorney if  accompanying minor child/children that will apply for a Swedish passport, visa or a residence permit or to be interviewed. Only child/children who has an appointment to apply for a passport will be admitted to the Embassy - if you have other children they must stay outside the premises.
  •  If you need an interpreter, i.e. you speak neither Swahili nor English, please let us know and the Embassy will book an interpreter - neither relatives nor friends will be admitted to interpret. The Embassy will only book an interpreter if you are applying for residence permit and NOT for a visa application.
  • All visitors are obliged to wear face mask at all time, while in the Embassy´s premises. All applicants also need to sanitize hands before entering and wash their hands after entering into the waiting area.


Applying at VFS Global

To improve the service available to Schengen visa applicants, the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi cooperates with VFS Global. You can present your application to VFS Global in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Lusaka, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Abuja, Lagos and Addis Abeba. Some VACs requires prior appointment. The opening hours is limited due to Covid 19 situation and prior appointment may be required, please contact VFS for further information. At present the mentioned VFS centres are open.

When the decision has been made in your case at the embassy you may collect your passport and the decision at the VFS offices or have it sent to your home address for a fee, by VFS. 

VFS charges a service fee in addition to the visa fee. Please see the allocated pages for each country or visit the VFS Website, Welcome to VFS Global | For Individuals | Home , for fees, address and opening hours, as well as for detailed information on procedures and requirements for visa applications, including the service fee which is regularly updated depending on the current exchange rate.

VFS contacts:

Sweden Visa Application Center/Nairobi

5th floor Park Field building, Muthangari Drive off Wayaki Way

P.O.Box 25180 – 00100 Nairobi

Telephone number: ++254 2051479 08blobid0.png

Email: info.seke@vfshelpline.com

Website: VFS Kenya


Sweden Visa Application Center/Dar es Salaam

VFS Global/FMC, Maktaba Square Business Park,

4th Floor – Wing B, Plot No 75/27, Maktaba Street,

Dar es Salaam

Telephone number: +255 222 221915 

Email:  info.swedentz@vfshelpline.com

Website:  https://www.visa.vfsglobal.com/tza/en/swe 


Sweden Visa Application Center/Lusaka

VFS Global, M4th Floor, Goldman Insurance House, Plot 58, Stand 2374, Great East Road, Building Opposite Mulungushi Conference Center, next to Puma Filling Station at Arcades Shopping Center, Lusaka

Telephone number: +260 16466858474 

Email: info.swzam@vfshelpline.com

Website: Lusaka | vfsglobal 


Sweden Visa Application Center/Pretoria

VFS Global/1st Floor, Cherry Lane Office Park 114 Fehrsen Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng

Telephone number: +27 124253001

Email: info.swza@vfshelpline.com

Website: Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal


Sweden Visa Application Center/Durban

VFS Global/Unit 409, 4th Floor 91-123 Cowey Road (Problem Mkhize Road) Essenwood, Durban

Sweden Visa Application Center/Cape town

VFS Global/47 Strand Street 5th Floor Office 504

Cape Town Western Cape


Sweden Visa Application Center/Addis Abeba

VFS Global’s Application Center in Addis Abeba, 1st Floor, Haimi Apartment Hotel Bole Sub City, 03 Woreda, Home number 74.

Telephone number: 251 9604 37204

Email: info.seet@vfshelpline.com

Website: Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal

Sweden Visa Application Center/Abuja

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District,

Telephone number: +2348150188800

Email: info.swedenng@vfshelpline.com

Website: Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal


Sweden Visa Application Center/Lagos

VFS Global, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I .

Telephone number: +2348150188800

Email: info.swedenng@vfshelpline.com

Website: Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal


Processing time

The Embassy always aims at processing your visa as quick as possible, but please note that the handling time for a visa application should be within 15 calender days. If you apply with shorter notice your application probably will be refused. The application process may be extended to 45 days in individual cases, in accordance with Article 23 1-3 of the Visa Code.

Due to a sudden increase of applications the handling time might be temporarly longer than 15 days in general. The Embassy is trying to find a solution.


Citizens of Kenya are required to go through a mandatory prior consultation procedure during the assessment of the visa application. This procedure can take 1-7 days, during which a unified Schengen visa cannot be issued. A full list of countries whose citizens are subject to consultations can be found in Annex 16 to the Visa Code

 It is the Swedish Border Police that has the exclusive power to deny or approve entry. If you are rejected entry into Sweden and deported back to your country of origin, the Embassy cannot give you any support. 


Warning: Avoid unauthorized agents

The only fee you have to pay when you apply for a visa is the application fee and the VFS service fee. Please note that the embassy only cooperates with the external service provider VFS Global, and has nothing to do with any other agents or persons who offer services for payment. If you have been asked to pay more by VFS staff, embassy staff of external persons/organisations, please contact the embassy via email.