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Visiting relatives and friends – extra documents

If you apply for a visa to visit relatives and friends, you need the documents listed below.

The forms must be completed either in Swedish or in English. Documents issued by the authorities in your country of origin are to be submitted together with a translation in Swedish or English.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under ‘Required documents’.
  • Relation to Japan:  If you are employed: - Certificate of employment - Approval for leaves (Some kind of document that shows your leaves are approved) If you have your own company or you are self-employed: Certificate of registration of the company If you are a student - Certificate of enrolment - Some kind of proof that you don't need to go to school during the trip If you are unemployed or housewife/husband - Certificate of residency (Jyuminhyo)

Documents concerning the relative or friend in Sweden

You must also attach documents concerning the relative or friend you plan to visit in Sweden.

You must have:

  • Form no. 241011: Invitation – If you wish to invite a relative or friend to visit you. You must submit the original form and it must be completed and signed by the relative or friend in Sweden wishing to invite you.
  • Civic registration/family certificate (personbevis) for the relative/friend in Sweden. Such a document for the purpose of an invitation may be ordered from the Swedish Tax Agency.
  • And – if the relative/friend will be paying for your support in Sweden – his/her pay slip, pension statement or statement of account for the past three months.

* The Embassy reserves itself the right to ask for supplementary documents if needed.