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How to apply online - the smartest way

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a visa is to do so online.

Applying online

You can apply online together with your husband/wife and unmarried children under 18 years of age. Any other people you wish to travel with have to make their own online applications.  For the following cases, the online service cannot be used; - if you at the same time apply for work permit in Sweden - if you do not have to pay a fee according to a Visa Facilitation Agreement.

How to proceed:

1. Prepare the documentation Check which documents and personal information you need. You must for instance have arranged for a passport and have booked an air ticket (although we advise you to delay payment until your visa has been granted), and you must also have an invitation from the person you will be visiting in Sweden.

Read more under ‘Required documents’.

2. Applying via the Swedish Migration Agency website Visit the Swedish Migration Agency website and read the instructions you need. You apply, submit all your documents, pay and make an appointment at the Swedish embassy online. You can check available times before booking the appointment.

Swedish Migration Agency online application

3. Visit the embassy Take a print-out of the online application with you when visiting the embassy at the appointed time, together with the originals of the documents. If you do not bring all the documents, there is a risk that your application will be rejected. During the visit, you will be required to sign the application and may also be required to answer some additional questions. Furthermore, applicants must have his or her photograph and fingerprints taken.

All family members who apply at the same time – including children – must visit the embassy.

You can find the address of the embassy under ‘Contact’ in the menu on the left.

4. Wait for the decision The decision is usually made within 15 days. Your passport is normally kept by the embassy during the processing time. After making the decision, a visa sticker will be affixed into the passport and it will be returned to you by the mailer “Letter-pack Plus”, which you submit when you visit the embassy.