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Information about the handling of visa and migration issues during Covid-19

All interviews in residence permit cases postponed until 2021

Because of the ongoing pandemic and the increasing spread of Covid-19 in Iran, the Embassy has decided to temporarily reduce some services in migration related cases. This means that no interviews in pending residence permit cases will be conducted in 2020.

This decision has been made to prevent further spread of the virus, and to protect our visitors as well as our staff. Those who already have an appointment for an interview will be contacted and allocated a new preliminary appointment, starting in the beginning of 2021. Appointments will be allocated according to date of application, meaning older applications are processed before newer ones. Because of the large number of interviews that need to be rescheduled, and adding the requests not yet scheduled, the waiting time is expected to be long. The Embassy as well as the Swedish Migration Agency is aware of this and that it will affect a lot of applicants.


Possibility to do the interview at another Swedish embassy or consulate

It is not possible to do the interview at another embassy, except for Iraqi and Afghan citizens, who also have the option of doing the interview at the Swedish embassy in Amman (Iraqi citizens) and Islamabad or New Delhi (Afghan citizens).

To which Swedish mission abroad an applicant should turn to do interviews and other migration related matters are regulated and not something that the Embassy in Tehran or the Migration Agency can influence. Please note that other Swedish missions have also been forced to cancel or postpone scheduled appointments because of an increase in the spread of infection.


Long waiting time

The Embassy is aware of the fact that many applicants have already waited a long time to do their interview, and that it will be difficult to wait even longer. The decision to reduce the operations in the migration section has been made because of ongoing and worldwide pandemic, to mitigate its effects and protect visitors as well as embassy staff.

The Embassy is closely monitoring the development of the pandemic in Iran, but assesses that the postponed interviews can be resumed at earliest starting in January 2021. Rescheduled appointments will be the earliest available and allocated according to the date of the application. With regard to the large number of applicants who have waited for a very long time, it is not possible to prioritize some cases above others.


Need of an earlier appointment

We cannot offer anyone an earlier appointment. The pandemic affects people all over the world and the decision to postpone the interviews at the embassy has been made to mitigate the effects of the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the outbreak.


Some shorter visits are still accepted

Not all appointments are postponed. The Embassy continues to receive applicants who wish to order or collect residence permit cards (UT-cards), or to collect a decision in visa or resident permit cases. These are short visits, some does not even require the person to enter the premises, and can therefore be handled in a safe manner. However, please note that there are not as many available appointments as there were before the pandemic. Requests for appointments are made on our website.

Last updated 16 Aug 2020, 2.14 PM