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Interviews in residence permit cases during covid-19

Interviews in residence permit cases are resumed from 2021
Because of the ongoing pandemic and spread of covid-19 in Iran, the embassy has decided to temporarily reduce some services in migration related cases. A reduced number of interviews in residence permit cases will be conducted until further notice. This decision has been made to prevent further spread of the virus, and to protect our visitors as well as our staff.

Scheduled interviews in residence permit cases during 2021 are still valid, unless the embassy has sent a new booking confirmation. When contacting applicants about rescheduled appointments the embassy always uses the e-mail address previously verified through the Migration Agency.

The embassy currently has a large number of scheduled interviews, which will affect applicants who request a new interview appointment. The embassy and the Swedish Migration Agency are well informed about the increased waiting times in residence permit cases and the effect this might have for applicants.

Possibility to do the interview at another Swedish embassy or consulate
Iranian citizens are only referred to the Embassy of Sweden Tehran for interviews in residence permit cases. Iraqi and Afghan citizens have the option of visiting the embassy in Tehran or conduct an interview at the Swedish embassies in Amman (Iraqi citizens) and Islamabad or New Delhi (Afghan citizens).

The rules regarding which Swedish embassy or consulate different nationalities are able to visit for migration related issues is regulated, and not something the embassy in Tehran or the Swedish Migration Agency can influence.

Long waiting time
The embassy is aware many have waited a long time for their interview and that the extended waiting time might cause difficulties for applicants. The decision to reduce the operations in the migration section has been made because of the ongoing and worldwide pandemic, to mitigate its effects and protect visitors as well as embassy staff.

The embassy is closely monitoring the development of the pandemic in Iran. As of now it is not deemed possible to, in a safe manner, further increase the number of conducted interviews. All scheduled appointments are allocated at the earliest available timeslot, based on the current circumstances and limitations. Given the large number of applicants who have already waited for a long time, it is not possible to prioritize some cases above others.

Need of an earlier appointment
We cannot offer anyone an earlier appointment. The pandemic affects people all over the world and the decision to reduce the number of interviews at the embassy has been made to mitigate the effects and spread of covid-19.

Shorter visits to the embassy
Applicants who wish to order/collect residence permit cards (UT-cards) or collect a decision in visa or resident permit cases will still be received. Requests for appointments are made through our website.

Last updated 03 Nov 2021, 2.24 PM