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Increased Digital Access to Case Information

The Swedish Migration Agency requires you to have an account to access the e-services and submit applications.

Why do I need an account?

Applications can be submitted in two ways either by yourself, with your account, or through an agent, with his/her account. In case the agent submits your application you will, by default, not be able to follow your case and receive information about your case. However, you can create your own account and follow the steps below to get increased digital access.

How can I receive more information about my case?

In case it is relevant for your application, the embassy will book an appointment to collect more information or to do an interview. During this visit, it is possible to increase digital access that will give you better service on My page. This service includes:

  • Access to more information about your case.
  • Possibility to change your contact information (email).
  • Possibility to have safe communication with Swedish Migration Agency.

Before the visit to the embassy, we recommend you to:

  • Create an account, if you do not already have one.
  • Check that your account works by accessing My page, if you already have one.

How do I create an account?

If you do not have an account at Swedish Migration Agency:

  1. On your device, go to Create Account.
  2. Follow the instructions as best you can.
    Note! You need to have access to your email address and mobile phone while creating an account. Both email and phone number are unique for each account.
  3. Verify that your account works by logging in to My page - Swedish Migration Agency.

Account recovery

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password:

  1. On your device, go to Change Password.
  2. Follow the steps to change your password.

I have changed my email address

  1. Log in to My page and select Profile.
  2. Follow the steps to change your email address. Please note that you also change your user name.

I forgot my user name (email address)

Your user name is your email address. If you forgot which email address you have used, we recommend you to do the following steps:

  1. If you have an email address that might have been used, try to change password.
  2. If step 1 fails, create a new account with your email address.

I have changed phone number

Contact Swedish Migration Agency to change your phone number. You must know the phone number that was used when you created the account.

Information about My page

How to log in?

  1. Go to www.migrationsverket.se - select My page
  2. Log in using your account

Use the same account as when you were granted increased digital access.

This is what you can see and do:


By clicking on the application that is awaiting a decision you can see when certain events in your case took place.

Registered application

You may have to wait a few days after you have applied before you can see that your application is registered.

Request for additional information

If we have contacted you because we need further information, you can see the date when we requested the information from you.


You can see whether we have made a decision in your case.


This function is currently only available to you if you have applied for Swedish citizenship, a work permit, residence status, asylum or an extended residence permit for persons in need of protection and their family members.

Contact information

You can see the contact information that you submitted in your latest application.


You can check to ensure that the number of documents is the same as the number you submitted, but you cannot see the documents themselves.


The statistics show how many applications are waiting for a decision in the same decision category, but you cannot see when your application will be processed.

About the case

Here is some further information about your case. Your case number is linked to you as a person.



Last updated 13 Apr 2022, 9.33 AM