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Getting married at the Embassy

Marriage between Swedish citizens can be performed at the Embassy in Addis Ababa. ( For marriage between Swedish and Ethiopian citizens, please contact the Ethiopian authorities to find out what documents are required. Often, legalized Swedish personal certificate is required as proof of civil status. Also note that they may request a "marriage license" and this is something you must ask you the swedish tax office to issue. )

To be married at the Embassy:

Contact the Embassy in good time to reserve a time for the wedding.

The Embassy will charge a fee for the wedding unless one of the parties lives permanently in the country where the wedding takes place. 

Hearing examination shall take place four months before the wedding at the local tax office where the parties are registered.

The full addresses of the parties, as well as the names and addresses of the two witnesses, must be submitted to the Embassy in good time before the wedding. 

The witnesses must be able to understand Swedish and be able to identify themselves. Ambassador staff can serve as witnesses if the parties so wish.

Not later than the marriage ceremony, the spouse's choice of last name and any middle name will be reported to the tax office on special form (RSV 7631).

The passports of the parties and witnesses must be displayed before the wedding ceremony.

The Embassy writes a special record of the wedding. The marriage certificate is an excerpt from this protocol.

The parties must notify the Swedish Tax Agency in Sweden themselves.

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