Sweden & China

Practical information

On this page you will find some information which might be useful before travelling to Sweden.

Tax-free shopping

If you reside outside the European Union (EU), you are entitled to a tax refund on your purchases. In Sweden, as in many European countries, Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the sales price on the tag.

Tax-free shopping by Global Blue is a simple system that puts cash in your hand when you leave the EU. You get refunds of up to 17,5% on your purchases. The minimum purchase is SEK 200.

For more information, visit the website of Global Blue:
Global Blue

Bringing Private and Commercial Goods to Sweden

The Swedish Customs service is responsible for monitoring all goods, both commercial and private, which are brought in and out of Sweden. This includes weapons, alcohol, tobacco products, plants, food stuffs, medicines, and other commodities.

To learn more about these rules and regulations, visit the Swedish Customs website by clicking the link below:
Swedish Customs

Bringing Your Pet to Sweden

Pets have to meet certain conditions to be allowed to enter into Sweden. If you are planning to bring your pet with you when visiting Sweden, you should be familiar with the regulations of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

To learn more about the rules that apply to pets, visit the Swedish Board of Agriculture website by clicking the link below:
Swedish Board of Agriculture

Moving to Sweden

Information about customs regulations when moving to Sweden is supplied by Swedish Customs. Visit their website by clicking the link below:
Swedish Customs - Moving to Sweden