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Residence Permits for Students

If you are a citizen of a country which is not a member of the European Union (EU) and wish to study in Sweden for more than three months, you must have a residence permit granted before you enter Sweden. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from the EU/ Schengen Area.

Application An application for a residence permit is easiest filed online. If you are unable or unwilling to apply online, you can also apply in person at the closest consulate or at the Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa.

For information about the application process, including how to apply online, please visit Swedish Migration Agency.

Biometric information The residence permit will be in form of a residence permit card. The card will include biometric information (photo, fingerprints and electronic signature).

Canadian citizens (and other nationalities not requiring an entry visa to Sweden) should submit the biometrics at one of the Migration Agency Offices upon arrival in Sweden.

Nationalities requiring an entry visa should submit biometrics at the Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa. This can be done at the time of application or at any time during the permit processing time.

Processing time Normal processing time is up to three months. Please submit your application, preferably online, as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.

Application fee The $165 CAD application fee is payable at the time of application and is non-refundable.