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Political, scientific, cultural, sports or religious events visit – extra documents

If you apply for a visa to visit Sweden or any of the represented countries for a sporting or cultural purpose, you need the documents listed below.

All the documents have to be submitted in original. However if you have a desire to keep the originals bring copies as well, normally they will be accepted. The forms must be completed either in Swedish or in English. Documents issued by the authorities in your country of origin are to be submitted together with a translation into one of the mentioned languages by an authorised translator.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under ‘Required documents’.
  • Marriage certificate if your spouse is an co-applicant.
  • Birth certificate if your child is a co-applicant. The consent of the custodian or guardian. If there is only one custodian, a document showing that this is the case must be attached to the application. A guardian present when applying or an adult to whom it has been given consent.  Read more under "Minors-extra document"
  • If the purpose is a cultural activity – the invitation from whoever is organising the event in the country of destination.
  • If the purpose is a sporting activity – a document from the national association of the sport concerned in your country of origin showing that you are active in this sport.
  • Documents from school or employer granting you leave for the period of the intended stay in the Schengen area.
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