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Lost Passports

There are two options when looking to replace a lost or missing passport depending on how urgently you need to travel.

Regular Passport
Processing time for a regular passport is approximately 2 weeks. You can only apply for a regular passport at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC or the Consulate General in New York - by appointment only. 

You must be able to present valid photo ID in order to apply for a new regular passport. If possible, report the loss to the local police and obtain a report (not possible in New York City). Additional instructions and link to booking systems are available under Passports.

Emergency Passport
A temporary passport issued by an embassy/consulate has limited validity and is non-machine readable. It is issued in an A4-size format, and is only valid for a single trip. Under certain circumstances the passport may be issued for a round trip. Your e-ticket or booking reference must be presented when you apply for the passport. Certain countries do not accept a Swedish temporary passport so make sure to contact your travel destination's embassy/consulate to find out. Some countries also require that a passport has a certain validity for entry.

In the U.S., you may apply for a temporary passport at the following consular locations:

  • The Embassy in Washington DC
  • The Consulate General in New York
  • The Honorary Consulate in Atlanta
  • The Honorary Consulate in Boston
  • The Honorary Consulate in Chicago
  • The Honorary Consulate in Dallas
  • The Honorary Consulate in Ft. Lauderdale
  • The Honorary Consulate in Houston
  • The Honorary Consulate in Las Vegas
  • The Honorary Consulate in Minneapolis
  • The Honorary Consulate in Raleigh
  • The Honorary Consulate in San Diego
  • The Honorary Consulate in San Francisco

Contact the consulate directly to confirm opening hours and for instructions. Contact information for each location may be found further down on.

No passport photos are necessary when applying in Washington, DC or New York. Other locations required two color passport photos. The fee is $216 (as of July 1, 2021). List of service fees.