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Swedish ID no/Reg child

The Embassy will order Swedish ID numbers for newborns and persons who have never had a Swedish passport, national ID card or been registered with the Swedish Population Register. It is necessary to have a Swedish ID number before you can apply for a passport/national ID card. If the parents/guardians have not registered the name of the child, this will be done at the same time.

Please note: For a child born before 1 April 2015 to a Swedish father and a non-Swedish mother and where the parents are not legally married they must first submit a Notification of Swedish citizenship.

The Embassy will only order an ID number if you intend to apply for a Swedish passport/national ID card via the Embassy in London. If you intend to apply for a passport/national ID card in Sweden, you should apply for the ID number in Sweden. This is done through the Swedish Police or Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The Embassy is only able to order ID numbers for Swedish citizens.

To apply for a Swedish ID number the following is required:

  1. One parent must come in person, together with the child
  2. Completed application form SKV7750. If the child/applicant is 18 years or older, the applicant has to complete and sign the form themselves. If the child is between 12-17 years old, the child must sign the form together with the parents. 
  3. Completed application form: information for verification of Swedish citizenship. Please note: It is important that the application form has been completely filled out when you arrive at the Embassy. If you cannot understand something in the form, please find someone to help you.
  4. A signed letter confirming that the applicant has recieved the application information, download the letter here.
  5. Birth certificate in original stating the names of both parents
  6. A mother and baby discharge summary from the hospital
  7. Marriage certificate, if the parents of the child/applicant are/were married. The marriage must be registered with the appropriate official authority.
  8. Both parent’s passports or valid photo ID. The Swedish parent must bring a valid Swedish passport or national ID card.
  9. A Letter of non-acquisition of British Citizenship - If the child’s/applicant's Swedish mother/father moved to the UK before 1998.
  10. If the child/applicant has another citizenship, the Embassy needs to see proof of that. The passport authority may need proof that the child/applicant has not become citizen of another country in which they have lived. 
  11. All documents must be in original.

Process and booking your appointment 

You need a booked appointment at the Embassy to apply for a coordination number. Appointments are booked via an external booking system only, that is, you cannot book an appointment via phone or by coming by the Embassy. Appointments are released continuously, but not on any given day or time. If no appointments show up in the booking system, it means that it is currently fully booked.

Book your appointment via this link.

If you plan to travel to Sweden do consider applying at the Swedish Police. Please contact the police before your travels to find out what documents to provide and if you need to book an appointment.

If you apply at a Swedish Consulate check the opening times directly with the Consulate.

Bring the above mentioned documents. Please make sure that you have booked an appointment for ID number.

The processing time is, at present, around 10-12 weeks.

When you receive the decision you can book an appointment for passport

If you were born before 1 july 1979 please contact the Embassy on embassy.london@gov.se


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