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Passport for children under 18

Book your appointment online. We release new appointments for the weeks to come, every Friday, sometime between 9am and 12noon. If there is a text on the booking page saying "no appointments available", please check back later.

You can apply for/renew a passport or ID card at the Embassy of Sweden in London, in another Swedish Embassy or at the Police in Sweden. If you apply for a passport in another country you can still collect it from the Embassy in London.

It is often a faster och cheaper process to apply for a passport in Sweden, more info about this on the Swedish Police's webbsite.

Proving your Swedish citizenship

You are abliged to prove your Swedish citizenship every time you apply for or renew your passport. For more information about Swedish citizenship please check the Swedish Migration Agency. 

Download and complete the application form "Verification of Swedish Citizenship" before arriving at the Embassy. The Swedish Police's form is not used at the Embassy in London. 

Applicants under 18 years of age who has previously held a Swedish passport are required to:

  • Click here to book your appointment. 
  • Attend the Embassy with at least one guardian
  • Complete the application form, "Verification of Swedish Citizenship", click to download. The child will need a Swedish ID number to be able to apply for a Swedish passport/National ID-card. Please note: It is important that the application form has been completely filled out when you arrive at the Embassy. If you cannot understand something in the form, please find someone to help you.
  • Complete the Guardian Certificate form. It has to be signed by both guardians and witnessed by two persons living in the UK
  • Check with Skatteverket that your personal information is correct. Passport and ID-card will be issued in the name that is registred in the population register
  • A Letter of non-acquisition of British Citizenship – for a Swedish guardian who moved to the UK before 1998.
    An alternative to non-acquisition of British Citizenship is the presentation of a screenshot (via mobile/tablet/computer) to the passport officer at the Embassy, which shows that the guardian has acquired pre-settled or settled status via the EU Settlement Scheme. A printed copy of the screenshot must be brought to the Embassy.
  • If the child has another citizenship we need to see proof of that. The passport authority might want to see proof that the child has not become citizen in a country where the child has been living
  • The guardians must bring their own passport/valid photo ID. If only one guardian accompanies the child he/she needs to bring the absent guardian’s valid passport/photo ID. A Swedish parent must bring a valid passport or national ID card
  • If the child only has one guardian we need to see legally valid  proof. (extract from Swedish population register/court order)
  • A birth certificate containing the names of both parents – if you have never lived in Sweden
  • A birth certificate with both parents’/guardians’ names – if the child was born abroad
  • Bring the child’s previous passport. If no longer valid you need to also bring a valid photo ID Read more about valid photo ID on Polisen.se
  • If the passport has been lost/stolen we need a police report. The lost/stolen passport will be invalidated by the Embassy
  • The fee is £137. If you apply for your passport in Sweden and want to pick it up at the Embassy or at a Consulate you pay £17 when you collect your passport. A fee of £8 for postage is added if you want to collect from a Swedish Consulate.  If you want to collect your passport at a consulate you need to contact the Embassy
  • The passport photo is taken at the Embassy, you do not need to bring a photo
  • All documents must be in original

Processing and collection

  • Normally two weeks
  • Bring the receipt, your previous passport, and if no longer valid you need to also bring a valid photo ID
  • A guardian can collect. Bring the child’s previous passport and own passport/photo ID. Read more about valid photo ID on Polisen.se
  • No need to book an appointment for passport collection. Please note that you need to come during Passport Collection hours 
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