Q&A Passports, ID-no, Opening Hours

The Embassy encourages Swedish citizens to stay informed and follow the British government’s guidelines, for more information please follow the link:  

How does a visit to the Embassy work?

The Embassy is adhering to the current guidelines on social distancing. We ask that you appreciate these measures and that the waiting times may take longer than usual. 

Why do I have to wait outside of the Embassy?

The Embassy follows the British government’s guidelines for social distancing. Therefore, it could be that you have to wait a while outside of the Embassy. 

Why can't you give a more exact timing for when you release new appointments on Fridays?

It's not possible to plan an exact time for the release of new appointments as we might have urgent consular matters to handle. 

I can't find any timeslots to book when I log on to the system, am I doing anything wrong?

If the small red text at the top of the page is visible, saying "At the moment, there are no available time slots. We are adding new time slots on a regular basis, please try again later." then there are no available bookings at this time. Please check back later. 

We live far away from London, do we really have to go to London to apply for new passports?

Yes, you have to come in person to the Embassy if you need to apply for a passport in the UK.

I have emailed the Embassy to book an appointment but have not received a reply?

We will reply as soon as possible, normally within a few working days. It is not possible to book a passport appointment via e-mail. All bookings are done via the Embassy website.

I need a new passport in order to apply for settled status and I am worried I am running out of time?

The EUSS settlement scheme is open until 30 June 2021. There is still enough time to apply. Read more here.

My passport will expire before I am able to apply for a new passport and I will not be able to identify myself, how can I apply?

You may use another valid photo ID as identification (i.e a British passport or driving license including “provisional”) or someone else can certify your identity. You will need to submit documents to prove your relationship unless it is registered in the Swedish population register system with the Swedish Tax Agency. Examples of documents can be a birth certificate, proof of address or employment contract. Find more information on the Swedish Police website.  

If I visit the Embassy during the opening hours, will you be able to help me book an appointment?

It is not possible to book an appointment by visiting the Embassy. All bookings are done via the Embassy website. 

My passport/ National ID Card is ready for collection at the Embassy, but I don’t wish to collect it now, can you keep it for longer than 3 months?

We will keep your Swedish travel document until further notice. 

Does the Embassy still send passports to the consulates for collection?

Specific information for each consulate is available on our website.

Can I collect my passport from the Embassy as usual?  

Yes. Please make sure to always visit our website for accurate opening hours before planning your visit. 

What applies to emergency passports?

An emergency passport may be issued if you have an essential and imminent journey. Read more here

My child recently received a Swedish ID number and I am afraid we won’t be able to apply for a passport within 6 months, what shall we do?

ID numbers will not automatically be recalled by the Embassy during the current circumstances/ pandemic. 

We want to apply for a Swedish ID number, how do we proceed?

Please email your request to the Embassy:

More information about this process can be found via this link.

All required application forms and documents, including the Birth certificate, must be submitted in original and the applicant must visit the Embassy or consulate in person. 


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