Berlin, 15 Feb 2019, 18.00 - 20.00

Experience / Art / Play

"My light sculptures, the ‘Jimmys’, were inspired by the children at Frosta school in Hörby, a small town in the south of Sweden, surrounded by woods and exciting nature spots. When the school commissioned me to turn the schoolyard into a nicer place, their then outdoor environment consisted of a vast asphalt-covered area. My suggestion was to build up nine steep hills which would rise out of this asphalt field like the wooded dry-stone walls in the surrounding fields.

But was this enough? Wasn’t something missing, something that
children can feel for and long for?"

Meet Monika Gora, Anna Lundqvist, Lisa Diedrich and other Swedish creatives  for a playful winter evening in Berlin on 15 Feb 2019

Want to touch light? Talk landscape?
Come play with the Jimmys in their temporary home at feldfünf!

feldfünf, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7–8
10969 Berlin

Monika Gora is a Swedish artist and landscape architect whose light objects Jimmys have cheered up playgrounds, buildings, parks in many cities in Sweden and abroad, now in Berlin. Through her practice GORA art&landscape she creates magical places by sculpturing both volumes of light and the ground we walk on.

Anna Lundqvist is the Swedish partner of the Berlin based office Man Made Land, founded by three landscape architects from different national and cultural backgrounds, now operating in Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden. Their aim is to create socially sustainable and tangible urban landscapes out of the contrast of hard and soft.

Lisa Diedrich is professor of landscape architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Malmö, and chief editor of the book series Landscape Architecture Europe. Based in Berlin she promotes forward looking practices for urban landscapes internationally. 



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