12.-25.06.2021 Ausstellung "R.I.P. Sacrum & Coccyx" mit Werken von Lydia Belevich

Berlin, 12 Jun 2021, 17.00 - 09 Jun 2021, 18.00

Exhibition Opening

12.06.2021 SATURDAY
5 PM @ Erratum Gallery

Böckhstr. 40
10967 Berlin 

R.I.P. Sacrum & CoccyxLydia Belevich (1994, Stockholm, Sweden)

Lydia works with sculpture, drawing and installation. Her work explores philosophical questions related to the body, media, psychology and sculptural form itself. Looking at these questions from a sociological point of view she positions her work in the middle of these interests.
In this exhibition she’s searching for answers and exploring materiality of the human body and its plasticity, evolution in relation to a fragmentized capitalist society.

The changes that are happening to us can be difficult to see or imagine. Social changes occur, and for us they are undetectable because they are gradual ... The concept of man and humanism, like morality, can just as well be a social concept.

Over the course of evolution parts of our body become obsolete and loose their function. Things like wisdom teeth and the tailbone. They are left as traces of our past lives. What if morality will also soon be obsolete?

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